Ethical use of this wiki

This wiki is for the use of the students named. Those students should make changes only to their pages or any page the library staff have invited them to change.
In this wiki students should :
  1. tell the truth
  2. write deliberately and with accuracy
  3. acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly
  4. preserve the original information of the wiki, and if making changes annotate the changes
  5. not delete or alter another's work
  6. make their wiki entries high-quality, by spellchecking, etc.
  7. try to stay on-topic
  8. be respectful if they disagree with others' wiki entries
  9. cite where they obtain information (that is, not steal others' ideas)
  10. disclose a conflict of interest (for example, if the student is writing about how wonderful Ford motor cars are, if they own a Ford dealership they should state so)
  11. keep private issues and topics private, and not discuss them via the wiki.

(Ideas for this list were obtained from A blogger's code of ethics found in TAFE NSW's draft guidelines for using blogs and wikis, 2 March 2007)